Goggly Gogol

‘”Who you getten, bratty? What biggy, what only?” These young devotchkas had their own like way of govoreeting. “The Heaven Seventeen? Luke Sterne? Goggly Gogol?” And both giggled, rocking and hippy.’ (A Clockwork Orange, p37 of the Penguin edition)

From Nikolai Gogol’s 1835 short story The Portrait: ‘….but what struck the buyers more than anything else was the peculiar liveliness of the eyes. The more they were looked at, the more did they seem to penetrate into the gazer’s heart. This peculiarity, this strange illusion achieved by the artist, attracted the attention of nearly all….The long-forgotten, living eyes of the portrait began to torment him….The portrait doubled and quadrupled itself; a the walls seemed hung with portraits, which fastened their living eyes upon him; portraits glared at him from the ceiling, from the floor; the room widened and lengthened endlessly, in order to make room for more of the motionless eyes.’

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