Do YOU know the identity of the mystery writer?

The TV personality Gyles Brandreth‘s diaries are called Something Sensational To Read on the TrainIn the entry for Monday, 11 January 1982 (p. 401 of the paperback edition), he writes:

I like the company of Anthony Burgess. He is amusing, intelligent and fearless. He doesn’t give a damn. On Start the Week [a radio discussion show] this morning he caused huge alarm by referring to a fellow writer as someone who writes to be read by readers who like to hold their books with just one hand. It took a moment for the import of his suggestion to sink in, but as it did you could see the flurrying and scurrying behind the studio glass. Flushed and flustered, Peter Estall (the producer) crept in, took Burgess out, and while Richard Baker did his best to interview Miss United Kingdom, we watched Estall and Burgess in the control room gesticulating at each other wildly. Chuckling, puffing on his cheroot, Burgess returned to the studio and made a retraction. ‘If what I said had any implication that the fellow is a pornographer, I apologise. That’s not what I meant at all.’

The question is, who was the fellow writer?

Gyles Brandreth, Richard Baker, Anthony Burgess, Michele Donnelly (Miss United Kingdom 1981) and the writer who cannot be named

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