Jimmy Savile

called disc jockeys like Jimmy Savile ‘electronic lice’. He referred to Savile as ‘that disgusting man’ (‘Secrets of [Savile’s] caravan’ in this London Independent newspaper diary column points this out: second item). And he writes in You’ve Had Your Time (the second volume of his autobiography):

I detested…especially a Yorkshireman [Savile] who was..awarded the Order of the British Empire….I had to appear on a BBC radio programme to defend…the apparent depravity of a book [Burgess’s novel A Clockwork Orange] that few had read. The programme was one of a series put out on the most demotic of the BBC’s channels, in which discussion on serious topics with a live audience was justified with breaks for pop music. The seriousness was thus mitigated and the final effect was cynical. The anchorman was…Savile. He had been noted for bipartite hair-dyes and his love of the young.

Love of the young indeed. Burgess states:

[Savile] had boasted of the ‘quids’ he had earned in his promotion of musical garbage, but he had the reputation also of a philanthropist who used the media…to help the suffering, unite the sundered, and be admitted to the Order of the British Empire.

We now know how Savile went about ‘helping the suffering’. Burgess goes on:

[Savile’s] name now never appeared without the OBE appendage. He was taken…to be the finest type of Yorkshireman and [was] paid to promote…British Rail….Savile…[asked] a man in the audience to stand up. This man admitted he had served a long jail sentence for Grievous Bodily Harm. He was asked by Savile if his reading had influenced his criminal behaviour. Without doubt, the man replied, and the programme came to an end. The weighting of what was meant to be a free discussion with a dramatic conclusion that confirmed the prejudice of so many made me boil…

This is just one of very many instances of bias that together make the British state broadcaster, many people feel, unfit to receive its large subventions from the British taxpayer.

As for the corrupt British state itself, while time and again passing over Burgess for honours, it ushered Savile in to the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire and proudly conferred on him a knighthood.

Very few people can now any longer contest Burgess’s statement that

if they can give Jimmy Savile a knighthood, well, the honours system is so dishonoured that one wouldn’t want it.

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