Scanfrom O Lord, O Ford, God Help Us, Also You (1975):

We need philosophers, not men who’ve been
Exalted through their skill at shysters’ tricks
Who shell out shibboleths, who fox, who fix,
Committed to the timocratic view
That wealth is power, and neither is for you.
Add wealth and power to vulgar ignorance,
And you can tune up for our Totentanz.

To opt out of this midden into dreams —
Communes or opiates — to many seems
The desperate one solution. I say: turn
Once more to the necessity to learn,
Not make a tabula rasa of your head,
But cram it with philosophy instead;
Leave inarticulacy to the loathed
Nude apes up there: let us at least be clothed,
Attack from knowledge and not just from rage:
Reject from reason.

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