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How Liana came between Burgess and his biographer

Certain people or groups like to exhibit their supposed devotion to promoting the memory of any given dead writer by snuffing out all fan activity not sanctioned by themselves.


Labour’s victory: Burgess, young socialist

‘We all wanted socialism’

Burgess writes in his 1978 work 1985 that in the British general election of 1945,

a great many British servicemen — even those who, like myself, had been brought up in a Conservative tradition and were later to return to it — voted Labour without hesitation.

A short walk through Bracciano

Here Burgess owned a little house, to which he and his second wife retreated periodically from the rigours of highly touristed — and in the summer, sweltering — Rome.

Fat-arsed fascist putti of Trastevere

The saluting cherubim are directly opposite Burgess’s flat in St Cecilia’s Place. They are of the Basilica of Santa Cecilia.

The Burgess parodies: porn in highbrow fiction

Extracts from the novels of P.R. Pathan and Kenneth Toomey

Burgess on the lust of creation

Asked if when he is writing he has to put sexual drive aside, Burgess replies:

Oh, no. There’s a very strong masturbatory urge: the urgent need to spend seed in order to get on with the job of writing.

He believes sexual energy and creative energy go together:

The libido is closely connected with the creative urge. Wasn’t it said by Degas that he wanted to rape the canvas, he wanted to make love to the canvas, he valued the canvas as a partner in a brief sexual adventure? This is partly true of writing, in the sense that the energy, the joy, the lust, of creation has sexual roots.

Burgess’s sexual potency

In an interview, Burgess states that

in my hotter youth, I was sexually very potent.

He was

troubled by lust in a Tolstoyan way.

He explains that he has never had carnal relations with an English girl:

I always felt that there was an incestuous element in that.

His decided preference is for the women of the Mediterranean.

Burgess, F.W. Bateson and the métèques

Extract from Burgess’s introduction to G.V. Desani’s 1948 novel

Burgess on the writer and politics

Burgess considered that it was not the job of the creative writer to be a polemicist. He pointed out that

organisers of public opinion have always been failed creators — demagogues, minor poets, pamphleteers.

The flaws of Anthony Burgess (according to his critics)

What Burgess’s detractors said about him during his lifetime and — even more so — after his death.