Extracts from 1985 (1978)

‘The strike’s over,’ [Bessie] told her father. ‘It was terrible, wasn’t it, Linda, having no telly. But tonight it’s Road Floozy.’

‘They can show the big wide pictures on them, like that one we saw that time with the monsters.’

‘You mean Sky Rape?’

‘Was that what it was called? You and me and mum saw it.’

“My rage,” said Bev, “as you rightly term it, is the mere emotional culmination of a long-growing belief that the closed shop is evil, that it’s unjust to force men into being mere cells in a gross fat body that combines the torpid and the predatory, that a man has a right to work if he wants to work without having to jump at the shop steward’s whistle, and that, given certain circumstances, a man has a duty to work. A duty to put out a fire, if that’s his trade. A duty to –” He was going to say: drop nuts on chocolate creams, but he saw the absurdity of it. And then he did not see the absurdity of it. A child dying and wanting only one thing: a box of Penn’s Assorted. And everybody on strike and not a box left in the world, and the defiant worker, braving the threats and the blows, going to the machine–

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